There’s a certain irony that both of the famous g painters we have profiled so far on The Famous Artists suffer from a bit of an identity crisis. Little is really known about either artist and their work is often confused with that of their teachers.

The Flemish artist Able Grimmer is often confused with his equally famous artist father Jacob. Giotto, a revolutionary Italian fresco painter, is often credited with being the first artist in the Italian Renaissance, yet his work is often confused with that of his teacher Cimabue.

Confusion aside, both of these artists left a wonderful legacy to the world in their remaining paintings and we invite you to learn more about their lives and view a selection of their most famous works.

Famous G Artists Profiled on TheFamousArtists.com

the famous artist Giotto

Giotto di Bondone

painting by the famous artist Able Grimmer

Grimmer, Abel