The Famous Artists looks forward to learning more about artists with surnames beginning with the letter P. There’s a huge variety of famous P artists to choose from but we thought we would start with an English landscape painter who was influenced by Impressionism, a French painter remembered as a leader of that movement and an American known for his advertising images.

Henry H. Parker lived in London most of his life and his paintings of the English countryside are cherished for their serenity and beauty. Camille Pissarro was also primarily a landscape painter but he painted in the larger-than-life Impressionist style and was instrumental in promoting that style. Coles Phillips painted pictures of beautiful women in a style that was known as the “fadeaway girl”

Both artists have been profiled and a number of their more famous works have been included here on The Famous Artsts. Be sure to check back as we continue to add more artist biographies and paintings which represent P artists in the public domain.

Famous P Artists Profiled on TheFamousArtists.com

painting by Henry H. Parker

Parker, Henry H.

portrait of Camille Pissarro

Pissarro, Camille

Coles Phillips Photo

Phillips, Coles