While ‘z’ is the last letter of the alphabet, it is far from the last place you should look to find wonderful artwork by famous artists. Sure, there are less artists with surnames that begin with the letter ‘Z’, but those that I’m profiling on The Famous Artists offer a huge variety of styles and subjects.

So far, we have four famous Z artists that we have profiled but they exemplify the wide variety of painting styles that we showcase on The Famous Artists. Our first artist was a Spaniard who is most well-remembered for his paintings of virgin martyrs and the Virgin Mary. The second was a traditional Japanese artist who painted with a decidedly Asian style. The third artist was a Chinese Emperor during the Song Dynasty. Our last Z painter was a neo-classical Italian painter who was born 80 years earlier.

Famous Z Painters Profiled on TheFamousArtists.com

portrait of the famous artist Shibata Zeshin

Zeshin, Shibata

portrait of Zhao Ji

Zhao, Ji

portrait of Antonio Zucchi

Zucchi, Antonio

painting thought to be a self portrait of Francisco de Zurbaran

Zurbaran, Francesco de