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Welcome to TheFamousArtists.com!

The Famous Artists strives to become the best family-friendly art site on the web. We have artist biographies that focus on who the famous artists were as people and the beauty of their work. We’ll leave the overly graphic and over-exposed works of art to the larger sites. We’ll also leave the critical essays on style, technique and other such things to the museums and art scholars.

The Famous Artists is all about celebrating art and how so much of the world’s history and beauty has been captured on canvas, paper and wood.

So, come on in and explore our ever-growing list of famous artists in the public domain and their wonderful creations. We currently showcase almost 70 famous artists with detailed biographies and selected works. You may have heard of many of these painters and there could be a few you haven’t met before too.

Recently Added Famous Paintings

The Fitting

This Mary Cassatt (1844-1926) piece was done in drypoint and aquatint. The inscription reads: Edition de 25 épreuves Imprimée par l'artiste ...

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Hunting Accident

This artwork is such a departure from many of the paintings I've shared here on The Famous Artists so far ...

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It was not uncommon for wealthy art patrons to commission portraits of their pets. This painting by Edwin Henry Landseer ...

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Portrait of a Man and a Woman at a Casement

This painting by Fra Filippo Lippi (1406-1469) reminds me a bit of Romeo and Juliet. The young man has climbed ...

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Asleep in the Woods

For a painting of someone sleeping, I think this Arthur Hughes (1832-1915) classic is full of bright and bold colors. ...

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Latest Artists Added to TheFamousArtists.com

portrait of Jeong Seon

Jeong Seon
(1676 – 1759)

portrait of peter paul rubens

Rubens, Peter Paul
(1577 – 1640)

Eugene Isabey

Isabey, Eugene
(1803 – 1886)

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