Art History

Just like where an artist was born, when they were born greatly influenced their work. Early artists may have been limited by materials. Others lived during a time when most art was commissioned by the Church and therefore painted mainly Biblical subjects or portraits of members of the upper classes. If you visit the artists within one of the groupings, you may notice similar styles and themes as well. It’s only as we get closer to modern times that we see a wider range of styles being produced concurrently.

Many famous artists lists by century focus on when the artist was active. A number of the artists profiled on The Famous Artists were active in two different centuries. Some were born as one was coming to a close and others we only know their date of death. Rather than spend time deciding where to put each artist, I’ve opted to use the date of birth, or death if that’s all that’s known.

The Famous Artists only works with artists who’s work has passed into the public domain. While I suspect there will be some artists from the 1900s eventually added, for now that time period remains unrepresented.

Artists Born Prior to 1400

Yuanji, Yi (1000-1064)

Xi, Guo (1020-1090)

Zhao, Ji (1082-1135)

Cavallini, Pierto (1259-1330)

Giotto di Bondone (ca. 1266-1337)

Martini, Simone (ca. 1284-1344)

Daddi, Bernardo (d. 1348)

Eyck, Jan van (1380-1441)

Artists from the 1400s

Uccello, Paolo (1400-1475)

Witz, Konrad (1400-1446)

Master E.S. (1420-1467)

Tura, Cosimo (1430-1495)

Froment, Nicolas (1435-1484)

Artists from the 1500s

Wyngaerde, Anton van den (1525-1571)

Yūshō, Kaihō (1533-1615)

Aachen, Hans van (1552-1615)

Elsheimer, Adam (1578-1610)

Grimmer, Able (1577-1619)

Rubens, Peter Paul (1577-1640)

Zurbaran, Francisco de (1598-1664)

Artists from the 1600s

Bosse, Abraham (1602-1676)

Dujardin, Karel (1622-1678)

Vermeer, Johannes (1632-1675)

Mignon, Abraham (1640-1679)

Broeck, Elias van den (1648-1708)

Carriera, Rosalba (1673-1757)

Jeong Seon (1676-1759)

Watteau, Antoine (1684-1721)

Querfurt, August (1696-1761)

Artists from the 1700s

Ramsay, Allan (1713-1784)

Zucchi, Antonio (1726-1765)

Xavery, Jacob (b.1736)

Kauffmann, Angelica (1741-1807)

Kim Hong-do (1745-ca.1806)

Turner, William (1775-1851)

Ingres, Dominique (1780-1867)

Troostwijk, Wouter Johannes van

Nasmyth, Patrick (1786-1831)

Artists from the 1800s

Landseer, Edwin (1802-1873)

Isabey, Eugene (1803-1886)

Zeshin, Shibata (1807-1891)

Spitzweg, Carl (1808-1885)

Jongkind, Johann Barthold (1818-1891)

Anderson, Sophie Gengembre (1823-1903)

Flavitsky, Konstantin (1830-1867)

Olrik, Henrik (1830-1890)

Pissarro, Camille (1830-1903)

Hughes, Arthur (1832-1915)

Manet, Edouard (1832-1883)

Ortega, Martin Rico (1833-1908)

La Cour, Janus Andreas Bartholin (1837-1909)

Cezanne, Paul (1839-1906)

Sisley, Alfred (1839-1899)

Morisot, Berthe (1841-1895)

Fildes, Luke (1844-1927)

Barber, Charles Burton (1854-1894)

Volk, Douglas (1856-1935)

Osthaus, Edmund Henry (1858-1928)

Parker, Henry H. (1858-1930)

Hassam, Childe (1859-1935)

Ury, Lesser (1861-1931)

Arkhipov, Arkhip Yefimovich (1862-1930)

Phillips, Coles (1880-1927)