It would seem among the world’s most famous artists, a large proportion of them have surnames which start with the letter M. The famous M artists profiled here are among the most well-known and beloved around the world.

So far we have two French Impressionists who were actually related to each other from the 19th Century, one of the Dutch Golden Age Painters from 17th Century, a 14th Century painter from Italy and a 14th Century engraver.

Please visit their biographies to learn more about their lives and their painting styles and to enjoy selected works by each of them.

Famous M Artists Profiled on TheFamousArtists.com

Manet, Edouard

The Road to Calvary

Martini, Simone
(ca. 1284-1344)

Master E.S.

Mignon, Abraham

Morisot, Berthe