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Famous Flower Paintings

It's no wonder so many famous artists painted flowers. They just add brightness and light to where ever they are found. Even when most art featured very dark backgrounds and muted colors, artists around the world were painting their versions of flowers, bouquets and blooming plants.
This section of The Famous Artists features famous paintings of flowers where the flowers are the primary subject. There are numerous paintings with flowers in them but here we're going to focus on those where flowers are the star of the painting.

From those wonderful harbingers of spring – the daffodil, to the aromatic blooms of roses, the most famous artists in the world have captured their beauty on wood or canvas. The famous flower paintings showcased here are in the order in which they have been posted on The Famous Artists. Be sure to check back as I hope to continually add more wonderful flower paintings to this site.

Still Life with Fishes and Bird Nest

Dutch artist Abraham Mignon (1640-1679) painted this still life painting in 1670. Typical of many of Mignon’s works, this one features a beautiful, bright white rose. Surrounding the rose are fishes, a bird’s nest, other flowers, two birds and a…
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Flowers In a Vase

Beautiful peach, orange and white flowers are arranged in a golden vase in this floral still life painting from the Dutch Golden Age of Painting. Abraham Mignon (1640-1679) is the well-known Dutch painter who created this beautiful work. Look closely…
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