Last Judgment – Enrico Scrovegni

An up-close look at the Last Judgment fresco painted by the famous Italian artist Giotto. Giotto had been commissioned by Enrico Scrovegni to adorn a chapel he was building in an attempt to earn his father salvation. Enrico’s father had been an infamous moneylender and the son was worried the father would suffer eternal damnation.

The walls of the chapel are almost completely covered by frescoes painted by Giotto and his assistants. This one appears on the back-side of the front wall of the chapel; you can see the doorway in our entry for the full-fresco (The Last Judgment by Giotto).

This section of the fresco depicts Enrico presenting the Madonna with a scale model of the chapel he commissioned in her honor as all of heaven and hell observe the event. By looking at such a small section of the fresco, we can really see the level of detail in the angel’s wing and the characteristic painting style employed by Giotto.