Mignon, Abraham

Abraham Mignon was a Dutch Golden Age painter who specialized in flower painting during the 1600s. He was born in Frankfort Germany in 1640 and at the age of 7 began his art education under Jacob Marrel (1613-1681), an established flower painter. When Marrel moved to the Netherlands, 20 year old Mignon went with him and both became students of Davidszoon de Heem (1606-1684).

Mignon remained in the Netherlands until his death in 1679 and is considered a Dutch rather than German painter. Abraham Mignon’s paintings are typically of flowers and fruit often on a dark background with a central white or red flower (often roses) or fruit in the center.

Maria Sybilla Merian (1647-1717), Ernest Stuven (1660-1712) and Elias van den Broeck (1649/50-1708) studied under Abraham Mignon.

Mignon’s work was believed to have provided inspiration to John Van Huysum (1681-1749). Louis XIV of France and the Elector of Saxony purchased paintings by Mignon.

Fruit Still Life with Squirrel and Goldfinch

…by the famous artist Abraham Mignon A pet squirrel and gold finch appear to have this lush arrangement of fruit all to themselves in this painting by the famous artist Abraham Mignon (1640-1679). One of the Dutch Golden Age painters,…
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The Nature as a Symbol of Vanitas

Dutch Golden Age painter Abraham Mignon (1640-1679) once again adds his trademark splash of white with a central white rose in this wonderful still life floral painting. Pink, red and blue flowers defy the title of this piece to some…
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Still Life with Fishes and Bird Nest

Dutch artist Abraham Mignon (1640-1679) painted this still life painting in 1670. Typical of many of Mignon’s works, this one features a beautiful, bright white rose. Surrounding the rose are fishes, a bird’s nest, other flowers, two birds and a…
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Still Life

Abraham Mignon (1640-1679) once again uses a dark background and dramatic colors to create a beautiful painting. The Dutch Golden Age Painter, takes a wonderful display of a small dining table and covered it with brightly covered fruit, a glass…
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…by the famous artist Abraham Mignon Most of Abraham Mignon’s (1640-1679) paintings appear on a dark background with a central white or red element. This time it’s a bunch of white grapes and a lovely hibiscus flower that provide the…
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Flowers In a Vase

Beautiful peach, orange and white flowers are arranged in a golden vase in this floral still life painting from the Dutch Golden Age of Painting. Abraham Mignon (1640-1679) is the well-known Dutch painter who created this beautiful work. Look closely…
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