Venetian Fisherman with a Distant View of San Marco

painting by the famous artist Martin Rico OrtegaI found two different names for this Martin Rico Ortega (1833-1908) painting, one was a Venetian Fisherman with a Distant View of San Marco and the other was Venetian Waters. Like so many of Ortega’s more famous works, this painting by the Spanish artist features the waterways around Venice. The artist was fascinated by the city, it’s architecture and the way the Mediterranean sun played across the landscape and illuminated the skies.

This landscape painting offers so much to look at and study. From a small flock of ducks entertaining a small child, to a cat hoping to receive a handout from returning fishermen, this brightly lit painting is full of small details that keep the stark white house and large red sail from stealing all of your attention.

The painting was completed around 1880. To learn more about Ortega and view some of his other famous paintings, please visit our biography of Martin Rico Ortega.