Raising of Lazarus Triptych

painting by nicolas froment

One of two beautiful triptychs by the French artist Nicolas Froment (1435-1484) that have survived history. The piece is signed and dated 18 May 1461. The level of detail is distinctive and realistic. Even a fly appears on the tablecloth and each man has an unique and different facial expression.

Look closely and you’ll see Francesco Coppini, on the exterior wings praying to the Virgin Mary. Coppini was the Bishop of Terni and Papal Legate, who was also most likely the patron who commissioned this piece. The central panel represents the resurrection of Lazarus. On one of the sides, Mary Magdalen is shown washing Christ’s feet and on the other, Martha praying at the feet of Christ.

Unfortunately, I’ve found several versions of this painting online where the horizontal axis is sometimes turned around. Please forgive me if I have this painting orientated improperly.

To learn more about the artist and see additional examples of his work, please visit our biography of Nicolas Froment.