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Paintings of The Netherlands

I’ve never been fortunate enough to visit The Netherlands but there just seems to be a certain idyllic charm to their country. The windmills, the canals, the architecture, the lush green countryside all seem to represent the country so many of us still think of as Holland.

The Golden Age of Painting featured the works of many famous Dutch artists. We have profiled a few of them as well as some other artists who painted landscapes of The Netherlands.

Obviously, there are far more paintings of this lovely country than I have featured here, but, this selection should serve as a nice introduction.

A Country Idylle

…by the famous artist Wouter Troostwijk Wonderful romantic Netherlands style landscape painted by the famous artist Wouter Troostwijk (1782-1810). While I don’t have access to the auction results, this watercolor, ink and gouache work was auctioned at Christie’s in Amsterdam…
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A Farm in Gelderland

…by the famous artist Wouter Troostwijk With clouds that look like you could reach out and touch them, this landscape painting truly represents the talent of the Dutch painter Wouter Troostwijk (1782-1810). A peasant woman milks her cow in this…
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Window Gate (Raampoortje)

…by the famous artist Wouter Troostwijk Painted in the year preceding his early death at 28, this oil on canvas by the Dutch painter Wouter Troostwijk (1782-1810) depicts Amsterdam in winter. There’s a quiet beauty to this somber, snow and…
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Binneshave, Rotterdam

A wonderful painting of the port at Rotterdam showing the sun either rising or setting. Johann Jongkind (1818-1891) spent much of his professional life studying the effects of sunlight on the landscape and this painting of the Dutch port complete…
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