Xavery, Jacob

Born at the Hague in 1736, Jacob Xavery is remembered for his paintings of historical subjects, landscapes, portraits, sea-ports, fruits, flowers and bas-reliefs. His father was a sculptor and sources cited his name both Jacob and Jan Baptist. Along with his brother, Jacob the son, studied painting with Jacob de Wit. Little is known of his personal life. He was in Paris in 1769, Soho in 1788 and 1789 and exhibited two years at the Royal Academy. He is best remembered for his flower paintings and his advanced techniques in watercolor.

He is known to have painted the portraits of M. Braamcamp and the sculptor Cressant.
Frans (Francisco) Xaverius Xavery, a Dutch painter was listed as both Jacob's uncle and brother as was Gerard Joseph Xavery on contradictory sources. Unfortunately, historical accounts have confused the brothers and the uncle and since they painted similar subjects, a few of their works may have been improperly attributed.

Jacob Xavery died in 1769.

Rather than try to research this family further, I'm relying on auction house records for the provenance of the paintings attributed to the famous Dutch painter Jacob Xavery (1736-1739).

The Parable of the Labourers in the Vineyard

…by the famous artist Jacob Xavery Wonderfully restored in 2005, this painting by the famous Dutch artist Jacob Xavery (1736-1769) depicts this famous parable from the Gospel of St. Matthew. The work is signed and dated in 1768. It is…
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Floral and Fruit Still Life

…by the famous artist Jacob Xavery 18th Century oil painting still life of flowers and fruit by the Dutch artist Jacob Xavery (b. 1736). The painting features white grapes, red flowers, what looks like apricots or peaches, white flowers and…
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