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Famous Butterfly Paintings


When it comes to beautiful things, there’s not much in nature that can compare with flowers and butterflies. Both are delicate and colorful. But, it is the fact that butterflies never remain in one place for long and flit from flower to flower that make them my favorites.

For centuries, famous artists have been sharing their butterfly paintings with the rest of us. From the giant fanciful creatures of the German artist Carl Spitzweg to the delicate creatures displayed by two Oriental artists, butterflies add bright splashes of color to any landscape.

Cat & Butterfly

Charming painting of a cat and a butterfly by Korean artist Kim Hong-do (1745-c.1806) who was more well-known as Danwon. In this painting, an orange and white-striped cat hides among some pretty red flowers stalking a butterfly. I found this…
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The Butterfly Hunter

This painting by the famous German artist Carl Spitzweg (1808-1885) makes me smile every time I see it. It pokes fun of the curious practice of the 19th Century when many Europeans of means fancied themselves adventurers and scientists simply…
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Still Life with a Thistle

…by the famous artist Elias van den Broeck Still-life with a thistle, boletus, snail, lizard, butterflies and a bee in a landscape painted by the Dutch Golden Age Painter Elias van den Broeck (1649/50-1708). This oil on canvas has a…
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Sake Bowl, Chrysanthemum and Butterfly

…by the famous artist Shibata Zeshin Beautiful lacquer on paper still life painting by the Japanese artist Shibata Zeshin (1808-1891). Painted in the traditional Japanese style, using lacquer painting techniques he developed, Zenshin creates an almost three dimensional feel to…
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