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Dog Paintings

I wish I had the time and ability to share with you all of the world’s great dog paintings. Or, at least the ones in the public domain. But, as I add more famous artists and their paintings, this group of famous dog paintings will grow too.

You’ll find great examples of the work of Charles Burton Barber. Barber is most fondly remembered for his charming animal portraits and portraits of children with their pets. Queen Victoria loved her dogs and many of her countrymen enjoyed the company of canines as well. Barber and a number of other artists of that era spent much of their career on painting dog portraits or paintings which featured dogs.

Famous dogs and their portraits by Edmund Henry Osthaus are also part of our growing collection of famous dog paintings. Osthaus helped found The National Field Trial Association and was often commissioned to paint the portraits of the champion bird dogs. We have a few of those wonderful dog portraits here and will hopefully be showing more in the future.

The works of Barber and Osthaus are shown with a number of other dog paintings from the famous artists showcased on The Famous Artists.

I hope you enjoy these beautiful canines and their human companions.

Dog Paintings on The Famous Artists

Time to Wake Up

Time to Wake Up by Charles Burton Barber

If you are a fan of Charles Burton Barber (1845-1897) and his charming paintings that often feature children and their pets, you might recognize the little girl and the dog in Time to Wake Up. Suspense shows same the little girl and dog…
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Children Playing with a Dog

This lovely painting of a mother and her two children playing with a dog was painted by the American Impressionist Mary Cassatt (1844-1926). In 2007, it sold at Christie’s auction house for $6.2 million, making it the highest price ever…
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The Hiding Place

This painting is another charming example of the work of the English artist Charles Burton Barber (1845-1894). Barber is most well-known for his subject paintings of children and their pets. This oil on canvas was completed in 1891 and measures…
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A Special Pleader

Here we have another charming painting of a young child and her loyal pet dog by the famous English artist Charles Burton Barber (1845-1894). In this Victorian-era painting, we have a young girl wiping her tears as she stands in…
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Some in the art world may say that he traded his artistic soul for profits. But,  I say anyone who can paint like this simply figured out a way to create beautiful paintings that will be loved for generations. How…
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The Hunt in the Forest

The Hunt in the Forest is a great example of how the Italian painter Paolo Uccello used more realistic shades of greens to paint trees. Before Uccello, trees were often painted in a single shade of green and lacked depth…
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A Huntsman Returning Home with Game

In December of 2005, this painting sold for over three times the low-end of the auction estimate. While not the most expense Osthaus painting sold that day, it garnered $96,000, making it an obvious favorite among collectors. This painting is…
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On the Scent

A pair of spaniels are on the scent in this charming sporting landscape by the American artist Edmund Henry Osthaus (1858-1928). The black, brown and white spotted dogs are in a fall field under a partly cloudy sky and have…
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Commissioner, A Champion English Setter

Most likely part of his “champion portraits” series for the National Field Trial Association, this Edmund Henry Osthaus (1858-1928) painting is a beautiful portrait of a champion English Setter named Commissioner. Osthaus was a German American painter who was most…
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Off To School

Painted in 1883 by English painter Charles Burton Barber (1854-1894). Off to School is a wonderful example of the way the artist depicted the relationship between children and their pets. In this painting, we have a St. Bernard guiding his young…
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