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Paintings of England

As our list of famous English painters grows, so does our collection of paintings of England. They celebrate the lush green beauty of the English countryside captured in paintings by Turner, Parker and Nasmyth, all of whom called the British Isles home.

They are in reverse order of when each painting was added to The Famous Artists, so if you are looking for a particular place, you may want to try the search feature.


I’m one of those writers who tends to see virtually empty posts that rely on linking to another site for the topic as lazy. I try never to make it look like I’m offering information that I’m not. But, this…
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It’s a shame that so many of this artist’s paintings were destroyed by fire in 1721. While his surviving sketches are still magical, they only show a small part of why the work of Anton van den Wyngaerde is still…
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Bristol Channel From Penarth, Evening

Afred Sisley (1839-1899) was and English landscape painter and early English Impressionist. Prior to 1870, his family’s wealth permitted him a life of leisure where painting was a hobby and not a profession. In 1870 the Franco-Prussian War led to…
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St. John’s Church at Margate

St. John’s Church at Margate is the earliest known work of the English landscape painter J.M. William Turner (1775-1851). What I find interesting about this drawing is that while many art historians believe that Turner’s ethereal, color-washed skies did not…
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Harvesting on the Sussex Coast

A beautiful day on the Sussex coast captured forever by the famous English landscape painter Henry H. Parker (1858-1930). Women work together to harvest a hay field and stack bundles of hay into piles. The remains of their lunch and…
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Dunkheld & Birnam from Craigibarns

Wonderful oil on canvas landscape painting by the English artists Henry H. Parker (1858-1930). Off in the distance, the Bridge at Dunkeld crosses the Tay River. It was built at a time where the Scottish engineer thought the heaviest load…
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By The Mill

Lovely landscape painting of an old mill along a river. The bucolic scene of the English countryside includes small flock of ducks, a horse and rider at the river’s edge and several groups of cattle in the far pastures. Like…
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Woody Landscape

…by the famous artist Patrick Nasmyth Painting by the famous Scottish artist Patrick Nasmyth (1886-1831) of an English countryside. Over half of the canvas is dedicated to the cloud-filled sky and much of the rest is covered with green grass…
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View Near Norwood

…by the famous artist Patrick Nasmyth A man and his two dogs appear to be hunting in this English landscape painting by the famous Scottish artist Patrick Nasmyth (1886-1831). He stands at the ready with his rifle waiting for his…
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Landscape with a Cottage Near Dorking

…by the famous artist Patrick Nasmyth Lovely landscape painting by the famous Scottish artist Patrick Nasmyth (1886-1831). Fluffy clouds and sunshine draw your eye away from the small cottage, horses and people in the foreground. Is it early morning and…
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Welsh Coast in the Fog

Lovely oil on canvas painted by the famous artist Alfred Sisely (1839-1899) in 1887. The original work was fairly large at 25.79 by 36.22 inches and features a rocky shoreline, emerald green waters and a colorful sky all shadowed by…
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